Jerry Glick reporting: “The Star of David”, Dmitriy Salita arrived at the Fight Factory Gym with his Detroit trainer, Sugar Hill; a Kronk Gym mainstay who is training Salita for his opportunity to shine on one of the biggest shows in New York in a long time and the first in Brooklyn of this grandeur in some 81 years.


There will be four title fights on the Golden Boy promoted show at the brand new Barclays Center in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.


A Brooklyn resident, Salita was preparing for his fight in Detroit, “Training is going well,” said a relaxed Salita. “I spent about six weeks in Detroit, and now I’m back in New York with Sugar Hill. Now I’m just staying loose, staying sharp; making weight and looking forward to Saturday night.”

Dmitiry Salita

Not too long ago, Salita, 34-1-1 (18 KOs), was not very active, but more recently he has been fighting on a more regular basis. “That’s the plan. My last fight was August 4th, and now I’m coming back two and a half months later, so it’s been pretty busy.” He was in Detroit for a month and a half training for his last fight too. Between the two fights he has been in training in the Motor City more than he has been in New York. He will face Brandon Hoskins, 16-2-1 (8 KOs). Hoskins lost his last two fights after going 16-0-1.

“Training camp has been the routine for the last couple of months,” he pointed out.

Busy is a good word to describe Salita’s schedule. He is also promoting amateur shows at the Fight Factory.

Being an Orthodox Jew and planning to fight on a big show on a Saturday night, the Jewish Sabbath, presents some difficulties. “It’s going to be pretty hard,” said Salita. “Shabbat ends at 6:49PM and I’m scheduled to step in the ring at 7:30. That’s only 40 minutes after Shabbat is over, so I’m staying at a hotel and will walk to the arena to avoid traffic, then get my hands wrapped and there will be little warm up time. I’ll have to go right away.” Every fight and every fighter on the show has his story; Dmitriy is one of commitment.