George Machabeli, a fourth degree black belt in Karate, was born twenty-six years ago in Georgia, in the former USSR, and arrived in the USA in 2006. He teaches Shotokan Karate Do, which is traditional Karate. It is something that he began learning at the very young age of four, “I’ve been in this sport for 22 years,” said Machabeli. “I am a 44 time Georgian and International Champion, and three times World Champion.”

“For two years I have brought a team to the World Championships. As a matter of fact we were in a tournament only recently and our team of fourteen won a total of fourteen medals. Five first place, five second place, and four third place medals.”

He has been imparting his vast knowledge of his craft at the Fight Factory Gym for two years. It is, he believes the best gym that he has ever worked in. The fact that he has won so many tournaments in his young life is indicative of his devotion to the Karate. It is that passion that he passes onto his students, and it shows.

He is married with no children (yet) of his own, but added, “I have 35 children.” That is how this master of Karate thinks about his students.

Machabeli has amassed an incredible record of titles in his 26 years; a sampling of them is listed below:
2005-1st place GEORGIAN CHAMPIONSHIP “WKF” 1st place -70 kg
2006-Championship of Georgia 1st place (kumite) -70 kg
2006-International Championship of Georgia 1st place (kata)
1998-USA Orlando FL World Championship 1st place ( kumite)
1998-USA Orlando FL World Championship 1st place ( kata )
2005-Germany Rosenheim W.O.A.A 6 WORLD MARTIAL ART GAMES 1st place ( kata )
2007-The BIG APPLE Championship 1st place kumite
2008-USA Championship 1st place (kata)
2008-USA Championship 1st place (kumite)