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Ismat Nyazov doesn’t just coach boxing; he teaches his students how to succeed at boxing. For this trainer, boxing is a family affair. Ismat’s two sons have followed in their dad’s footsteps into the ring.

Nyazov was born in Kazakhstan, in the former Soviet Union. Now 45 years old, he was an accomplished amateur boxer in his country. “I am now a professional trainer,” explained Nyazov. “But because there were no professional athletes in Kazakhstan, I was not able to box professionally, but I was a highly respected amateur and I fell in love with boxing; it has been my passion since I was a fifteen year old boy.”

Nyazov attended the well known Olympic Sports School in Kazakhstan which is renowned for its fine boxing program, “I went there six days a week,” he said. He passed through the same doors to learn his craft as former Olympic and World Champions Vladimir Klitschko, Vassiliy Jirov and Oleg Maskaev. “My coach, Nurgali Safiuulin, former Olympic coach of Kazakhstan and current Olympic coach of China pushed us to the limit. He demanded perfection and we were expected to produce nothing short of that.”

Nyazov and his fellow students at the school were expected to earn the right to train by getting high academic grades. “It was important for us to get an education and stay in school. If you didn’t have good grades you weren’t allowed to train. Growing up in Soviet Union was tough but boxing helped me to stay strong, focused, and calm. It gave me confidence and most important, self respect.” So Ismat left the school as a well rounded athlete and an educated adult.

He has brought this presupposition with him to the United States and to the Fight Factory Gym where his students have excelled. He is most proud of the work that he has done with his two sons, the younger one Kuanysh, 19 years old, has already won the Metros and twice won the Junior-Olympics. He is an excellent amateur, and older brother, Dimash Nyazov, 23 years old, is an unbeaten 140 pound professional with a 1-0 (0 KOs). “As an amateur Dimash has garnered many awards including the Metro Championship in2007, and he also won the Empire State Games Medal at 140 pounds.”

“I love boxing. It’s something that will stay with me forever,” explained Nyazov. “It taught me a lot of great things; like how to stay away from trouble, how to be healthy, how to be disciplined, and how to earn respect from others. I believe I can pass on these life learned lessons to kids that I train. It will prepare them for life in and out of the ring. It will teach them that hard work pays off. I’ve been coaching my own kids ever since I came to the U.S. And I’m proud of what they have accomplished so far. Through them I can see that all the training and time committed is finally paying off. I treat all my young students like they were my own and I would love to turn them into Champions!