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Oleg Busying is not only a boxing coach, he is proficient in Thai boxing, and Judo, “I trained eight years in Judo and Sambo, and twelve years in kick boxing, karate, and now boxing,” said Busygin. “I was involved in boxing since he was 10 years old.”

He got his start in boxing in his homeland,”Sports were very popular in Russia,” he explained. “Kids didn’t have much to do so they got into sports. For me it was boxing and kick-boxing.”

In Russia he could not be what we call a professional, but he was a competing amateur and when his active career ended in 1989, after Busygin won an array of honors including a third place finish at 156 pounds in Kazakhstan in 1992 at the Euro-Asian in Chelyabinsk, Russia, WAC Federation. In 1994, he placed second in full contact Karate in the absolute weight class. That is a class where the competition is open to all regardless of weight. He won The Tiger Schulman, full contact Karate in 2000, in the 200 pound division. He has won competitions in Judo, Karate as well as boxing and kick boxing.

If there is anything that can indicate the level of his ability to teach it is the success of his students.
Since starting his career as a trainer in 1989, and even before he joined The Fight Factory in 2010. In 2004 Oleg opened he’s own boxing club, “Brighton Boxing Club,” in Brighten Beach Brooklyn, and began to watch his protégé’s develop under his tutelage to become champions in boxing. Busygin’s record of bringing success to his students is his proudest accomplishment.

Oleg has seen many of his pupils succeed in open competitions including, Vasiliy Zerebenko who was the Golden Gloves champion in 2007 and was honored by Vladimir Klitschko.

Another student of his, Vasiliy Fidushkin, finished in 3rd place in 2010 Golden Gloves; and Nurpais Turabekov made it to 3rd place in the world championship in Chicago 2007, and 3rd place in the 2009 Golden Gloves. Another student of Busygin, Denis Trepachko, also placed 3rd in 2009 in his weight class as well.
Dmitriy Dudenko came in 2nd place in the 2009 Golden Gloves; while Soslan Kundkashvili came in third 3rd place in 2009 Golden Gloves.

Sergio Dorval made it to3rd place in Golden Gloves and was honored by the President of MSG Federation of USA Boxing Metro for having the best boxing technique in the tournament.
German Tyuryayev is a two time champion in the Junior Olympics in New York, and a USA Boxing Metro champion in 2010.