We are very excited to start our SPORT KIDS SUMMER CAMP 2013 Brooklyn Sport Gymnasium offers safe and professional environment for kids where all instructors pass background checks. The instructors and facility is fully insured by the sport associations of the discipline each discipline practiced in the facility.

Our gymnasium has more than 12,000 square feet of ground floor space, separate locker rooms for boys and girls with handicapped access, with heat and A/C units. It is the only gymnasium in Brooklyn that is licensed as a Physical Cultural Establishment and can run several programs simultaneously.

Throughout the years Brooklyn Sport Gymnasium has become a leader in our Brooklyn community when it comes to give the best sport education. Where kids from ages 3 and up starting to learn karate, judo, boxing, kickboxing, and school wrestling. Being that we at the Brooklyn Sport Gymnasium try to establish an individual bond with each and every child. Working with professional, dedicated staff (not summer time part-timers) allows our Brooklyn Summer Camp to stand out among others. It is our professional sport coaches and our gymnasium which was professionally build to the highest standards make our Summer Camp the special place. The Brooklyn Summer Camp coaches and trainers not are part time summer counselors, but we think they become role models as well, by teaching kids important values that they hopefully, will keep in mind throughout their lifetime.

Our main goal this summer and future years is to make sure our kids have a fun and existing and healthy experience.

To learn more and register for this program CLICK HERE.

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